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Services Offered:

Landscape Design Service -

Please enquire about a Quotation.  The Initial Consultation / Quotation amount needs to be paid for in advance before an appointment is confirmed.  The Consultation will include the following:

1.    The Initial Garden Consultation / Quotation will include:

       *  A meeting with the client on the site for 45 minutes - an hour.

       *  Conducting a Site Inventory and Analysis.

       *  Determining the needs of the client and getting a written brief from the client.  Discussing and deciding on a Garden  Style.

       *  Greenscape, Hardscape and Waterscape requirements are discussed.

       *  Drawing a rough Conceptual Design Plan.  This is not to scale and usually done in pencil rough sketch format.  

       *  If the Quotation is accepted by the client, then the fee for the above will be deducted from the final invoice after the project is 



2.  Drawing a Final Master Plan. 

     This is not always required, depending on the clients budget and brief. Often a Concept Plan is sufficient.

     A Master Plan is drawn to scale and will show exactly where all the plants, hardscaping and features will go.  Colour is used to

     identify different plants and elements on the design.  The amount of plants is also calculated as closely as possible for the

     shopping list.

     A Master Plan is a great idea if the client would like to implement it themselves as and when is suitable to them.  Architects often

     request these types of plans for the client.  These plans are charged per hour to draw and a quotation will be given if one is required.

  3.  Environmental Rehabilitation - When an area of land needs to be rehabilitated, an Environmental                                                       Rehabilitation Plan is developed specifically for the area introducing specific plant species which are indigenous or                       even endemic to the area.  


  4. Environmental Management & Control Plans:   These are developed to be in keeping with the NEMBA legislation of South              African National Environmental Management:  Biodiversity Act 10 of 2004 .


Alien & Invasive Species Consultant - Management Plans & Control Methods.  Each site is assessed and a   Environmental Management Plan is drawn up for a particular parcel of land and it's problem  species.

These EMP's (Environmental Management Plans) also include Monitoring each specie.

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